The majestic Langeberg mountains provide a panoramic backdrop to the scenic Montagu Golf Course. Situated in the beautiful Montagu valley the Montagu Golf Club surprises all visitors with scenic vistas from all areas of the course.

Being a vibrant Golfing community the members take pride in their Club and this is reflected by the comments of visiting players. Situated in Bath Street (on the way to the Hot water Springs) the course is a short distance from the town center.


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Hole 1/10 (Par 4) "The long shot Par 4". Risky Par 4 to start your day with. Take note of the out of bounds to your left. Bunkers at the back will surprise you if you can’t stop the ball coming into the green. Great View of the majestic Langeberg.

Hole 2/11 (Par 3) "The Lucky Shot". Playing no 2 a big tree makes life difficult for the lower hitters, and don’t let the distance fool you… the green is situated at the same level as the tee box even though it might not look that way. No 11 changes the game from no 2 and needs a straight uphill shot. Beware the bunker in the front comes into play when the shot falls short. The rough at the back of the green might cause a tricky downhill shot when you overshoot. The dam on the left is out of bounds.

Hole 3/12 (Par 4) "The Gap to Angles corner". Here you can take a gamble and go for the gap, but if you fall short you’re in serious trouble. Play it safe for a straight shot to line up for a 90m-120m shot into the green, but if the wind blows the shot to a small raised green might have you wondering what iron to play.

Hole 4/13 (Par 5) "Round the bend". This Par 5 might seem longer than it is, if you can stay in the narrow fairway it should be an easy birdie hole for the longer hitters. Bunkers surrounding the green might however change your birdie into a bogey.

Hole 5/14 (Par 3) "The Watering hole". This par 3 has a beautiful view of the mountains and with the hope of a cold bear at the promotions site situated at the green of this hole it could be an easy hole, but it isn’t. Accuracy and distance is very important, left is out of bounds and right is no joke… if the wind blows some might opt to take out the driver.

Hole 6/15 (Par 4) "St Montagu". Watch out for the longer hitters… you might end up in trouble with this par 4 having a ditch filled with water at about 250m out. The lowered green is protected by two bunkers in the front. If you managed to shoot over the water you will most probably be in one of the bunkers. The line of trees on your right indicates to you that the fence is out of bounds and to your left a row of iconic eucalypts trees will cause you some headaches. The bridge provides an excellent photo opportunity.

Hole 7/16 (Par 4) "The Sloping 7th and 16th". Stroke one seems easier than it is, however the road to the left and the misleading distance on your second shot might make you wonder why you’re still sitting with a long putt to make par. The Green has a slope that makes the average golfer wonder why it went the other way.

Hole 8/17 (Par 4) "The Fade Killer". This hole gives you the impression that the tree line might be out of reach, be warned that the slope of the fairway is not a kind one. If you go past the trees hope it goes long enough to give you a possible shot into the green that will break any putting master. Make sure you are aware of your flag placement on your shot into the green; this will easily become a 3 putt nightmare if you have a long putt downhill.

Hole 9/18 (Par 5) "The Game Breaker". Going home might feel further than normal with this hole putting any golfer to the test. If you’re lucky to get there for 2, make sure to have your putting game on. The Green is well guarded by greenside bunkers and the slope is very deceiving compared to the rest of the greens. Speed and your feel for the green will be tested.


Montagu Golf Club has grown since it's inception in 1932 and now boasts 210 active members who revel in the facilities available.

- The friendliest bar in Montagu.
- Spacious modern changing rooms (men and women).
- A verandah with a panoramic view.
- Conference facilities with all the necessary equipment (Big T.V Screen etc.)
- Golf Carts to hire
- Full Kitchen facilities
- 2 x Braai areas
- Small range of golfing requirements